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Happy Pollinator’s Week

By: Shannon Trimboli June 19-25 is National Pollinator’s Week. National Pollinator Week was established to raise awareness of pollinators and their population declines. More information about National Pollinator Week can be found at http://pollinator.org/pollinatorweek/. The Kentucky State Beekeeper Association’s website also has additional resources about pollinators other than honey bees […]

Free Varroa Resources and Bee Club Presentation

By: Honey Bee Health Coalition Varroa mite infestation represents one of the greatest threats to honey bee health. When honey bee colonies are untreated or treated ineffectively, colonies can fail and mites will spread to other nearby colonies — including your neighbors’ hives. Every honey bee colony in the continental […]

USDA Resumes Honey Bee Diagnostic Services

By: Bee Informed Partnership and USDA A joint collaboration between the Bee Informed Partnership, the USDA-ARS Bee Research Laboratory and USDA-APHIS has been established in the short term to primarily provide for the diagnostics of honey bee brood for American foulbrood (and other brood) disease. We will also offer other […]

Candlemaking at the 2015 Honey Booth

Kentucky State Fair Is August 17-27, 2017

By: Tammy Horn Potter The Kentucky State Fair will be here before we know it. Many beekeepers are having a good year due to the relatively mild winter. July 1 is the deadline to enter categories, and you can submit your categories online at Kentuckystatefair.org. Local bee association presidents and […]

State Apiarist’s Email Address Has Changed

By: Shannon Trimboli We wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the email address for our State Apiarist, Tammy Horn Potter, has changed. Her new email address is tammy.potter@ky.gov. She will no longer be able to receive emails sent to her old address. Please update any contact information you […]

Resources for Teachers and Other Educators

By: Shannon Trimboli The Kentucky State Beekeepers Association maintains a list of lesson plans and other resources related to honey bees for teachers and other educators. The list can be found under “For Teachers” in the Educational Resources section of the KSBA website. If you know of other lesson plans […]

Opportunity to Participate in the Bee Informed National Management Survey for 2016-2017

By Shannon Trimboli The Bee Informed Partnership will be conducting its 2016-2017 National Management Survey from April 1-30, 2017. Beekeepers from across the U.S. are encouraged to participate in the survey. To participate, go to https://beeinformed.org/participate/. An interactive map of the U.S. displaying results from previous years can be found at https://bip2.beeinformed.org/geo/. […]