KSBA polls

How Much is Your Honey?

By: Shannon Trimboli People are always telling me they are looking for good local honey. Whether or not I have any honey for sale is often the first question they ask when they find out I’m a beekeeper. I don’t think Kentucky beekeepers have come anywhere near saturating the market […]

Hive Type Survey Results

By: Shannon Trimboli Last month our survey asked what types of hives you have. Ninety-three people participated in the survey. Most of the people who responded use traditional Langstroth hives with some combination of deep, medium, and shallow boxes. The most common configuration was one or more deep brood boxes […]

How Long Have You Been a Beekeeper?

By Shannon Trimboli Last month I started a new series consisting of a monthly survey to help us learn more about each other. Typically the survey will run for about a few weeks to a month and then I’ll report the results to everyone. The first survey was about when […]

When will we see the first swarm?

Hi Everyone, The reason I started these news posts was to improve communication between KSBA and Kentucky’s beekeepers. However, communication is a two-way street. It’s not just us providing you with information. So let’s start sharing information and getting to know each other a little better. One way I think […]