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Do we need a Certified Kentucky Honey Label?

Hi Everyone, The idea of a Certified Kentucky Honey label was brought up at the June business meeting of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. At the meeting we created a Honey Marketing Subcommittee to pursue the idea further. A couple of weeks ago, we met with members of the Kentucky […]

How Much is Your Honey?

By: Shannon Trimboli People are always telling me they are looking for good local honey. Whether or not I have any honey for sale is often the first question they ask when they find out I’m a beekeeper. I don’t think Kentucky beekeepers have come anywhere near saturating the market […]

Results from June Poll – Thoughts on News Posts

By: Shannon Trimboli In June, I asked our readers to take a survey to let me know what you thought about the news posts. The results were very insightful and helpful. Thanks to the 35 people who provided feedback through the survey. Below is a summary of the responses and […]

Hive Type Survey Results

By: Shannon Trimboli Last month our survey asked what types of hives you have. Ninety-three people participated in the survey. Most of the people who responded use traditional Langstroth hives with some combination of deep, medium, and shallow boxes. The most common configuration was one or more deep brood boxes […]

Feedback about KSBA News Posts Requested: June survey

Hi Everybody, Since September 2016, I’ve been trying to post at least one news post to the KSBA website every week. Starting in January 2017, I’ve been posting 2-3 news posts every week and added the option to subscribe to the news posts. Approximately 800 people have subscribed to have […]

Survey Results on First Swarms of 2017

By: Shannon Trimboli In March we started a multi-month survey asking everyone to report when you saw your first swarm in any given county. We thought this would be a fun way to see if they came early this year after such a mild winter. In order to allow everyone […]

KSBA Survey for May – What kind of hives do you have?

By: Shannon Trimboli A couple of months ago we started doing surveys to get to know each other better. Last week, I presented the results for our April survey. Later this week, I’ll present the results of the first swarm per county survey that we started in March. For the May […]

Results from Poll on How Long You’ve Been a Beekeeper

By: Shannon Trimboli In an effort to get to know each other better, last month we conducted a survey asking everyone how long they have been a beekeeper. Seventy two people responded to the survey. Of those who responded, 27 people (38%) have been beekeepers for one year or less […]